Professional Supervision (Individual or Group)

  • Individual Supervision
  • Professional Study Groups
  • Training Seminars and Lectures

The above are provided in-person or ONLINE

I have been doing psychotherapy for 30 years and, for the last 10 years I have done individual and group supervision. I believe my supervision combines a depth of understanding of theory and client dynamics with the ability to listen well to the interactions between supervisees and clients – including helping the supervisee look within at reactions to the client. I am also careful to monitor what is going on between myself and the supervisee(s). I believe my supervisees sense my fundamental respect for them and value the input my experience allows me to offer.

My teaching experience includes being on the faculty of the International Masterson Institute, as well as giving presentations at international conferences about early development, diagnosis, and treatment of personality disorders.

I am interested in and have trained as well in a broad range of theoretical and practical applications, including gestalt therapy and Imago Relationship (couples) Therapy, and have long experience leading groups.

The Masterson Approach integrates developmental theory, attachment research, and object relations theory with recent findings in neuro-biological brain research.  It also includes both shorter-term and more intensive treatment options, depending on the resources and capacities of the client.

This Approach provides the therapist clarity about how to:

  • locate and understand the specific attachment and relational difficulties of your client;
  • track how these difficulties are playing out in and affecting the course of the therapy (including therapist countertransferences);
  • make interventions based on the particular intrapsychic structure of your client;
  • gauge whether your interventions are leading to actual progress, or are based on intellectualization or compliance.

Actual experience with the Masterson Approach is not necessary for you to benefit from this supervision.  Also, if you wish to sample this way of working while remaining with your own therapy orientation, I will be glad to accommodate your curiosity and exploration.

I am available to provide individual lectures as well as extended courses.  These can earn Continuing Education credits.

I invite you to discuss your supervision or training needs with me via phone (917 359-5375), or

– or set up a skype or oovoo session with me – so you can decide if I can meet your interests and needs.