Individual Psychotherapy

Do you have –-

  • Difficulty finding a love partner, or being unable to work together
    when you are in a relationship or marriage?
  • Not knowing what you want, and struggling to make decisions about your life. Difficulty getting yourself to take action?
  • Feeling separated or detached from others?

These are the issues I’ve had most experience and success working with.

People who work with me describe me as a warm and connected therapist.

I will actively help you to stop seeing yourself in black-and-white terms and guide you to be open to all possibilities in your relationships and your career.

I’ll help you question and understand the negative thoughts and feelings that stop you from growing, from knowing what you want, and from making decisions. In short, I’ll help you get to know and appreciate yourself.

I have a clear method of working, in which I take into account that each client needs to be approached using the language and the world view through which they have come to view themselves. This is a skill I’ve acquired through experience and training, and is a requirement for doing effective psychotherapy.

My work is based on the Masterson approach, a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy, which combines current knowledge of human development, attachment, brain research, and object relations theory.  It yields an understanding of different personality structures, and of the most appropriate ways of treating them.

To find out more about the Masterson approach, you can consult the many books of James Masterson, M.D. The clearest and least technical one is “The Search for the Real Self” (1988, The Free Press).